1.1 Olga Stepanova, hereinafter referred to as the "Seller," offers a Public Sales Agreement for digital goods displayed on the Seller's official website at
1.2 This document stands as a public offer. Should an individual accept the terms provided below and pays for the Product, they will have entered an agreement under the terms of this Contract.
1.3 Given the above, please carefully review the text of this public offer. If you disagree with any point of this offer, you are advised to refrain from purchasing the Product provided by the Seller.
1.4 In this offer, unless the context otherwise requires, the terms below are defined as follows:
- Acceptance – The complete and unconditional acceptance of the Contract's terms by the Buyer.
- Offer – A public proposal by the Seller to any individual (citizen) to enter into a sales agreement (hereinafter the "Contract") under the terms stated in this Contract.
- Buyer – A website visitor who enters a Contract with the Seller under the terms stated herein and purchases Digital Goods.
- Parties – The Seller and the Buyer collectively.
- Website – The online platform with the domain name, serving as an online store, which offers a cataloged range of the Seller's products.
- Digital Goods – A virtual product, which is the subject of this agreement, that is in its final form and ready for use.
- Delivery – The provision by the Seller of digital goods, displayed on the Website, by providing access to a link for downloading the digital product in a personal account on the website.
- Order – Specific items from the assortment list of Digital Goods selected by the Buyer when applying to receive a Digital Good.
- Cart – A virtual tool used for convenient purchasing of digital goods on the Website. The Cart accumulates all products the Buyer intends to purchase.
- Guide – A manual describing a sequence of actions to achieve a certain goal.


2.1 The Seller sells Digital Goods (guides, checklists, webinar recordings) according to the current price list published in the Seller's online store on the website The Buyer pays for and accepts the Goods in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.
2.2 The Seller provides Digital Goods exclusively in a virtual format via access to a link where the Buyer can download the desired product. The Seller does not mail printed items.
2.3 This Agreement serves as the official document of the Seller.

3.1 The Buyer places an order by correctly filling out the form during the payment process. All fields of the payment form must be filled out. If the necessary information to identify the Buyer and deliver the Goods to them is missing, the Order will not be accepted by the Seller.
3.2 When placing an Order, the Buyer commits to providing the following information about themselves:
- Name.
- Email address.
3.3 The Buyer consents to the Seller's processing of the Buyer's personal data, with or without the use of automation tools, for a period of 1 (one) year. This consent applies to the Buyer's name and email address provided when placing the Order. Consent is given for any actions concerning personal data necessary for the proper execution of this Agreement, including but not limited to: collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification, use, distribution, blocking, and destruction, as well as any other actions with personal data in accordance with current legislation.
3.4 The Buyer's payment for the Order placed on the website signifies the Buyer's agreement with the terms of this Agreement. The payment date of the Order is considered the date of the conclusion of the sales contract between the Seller and the Buyer.
3.5 If the Buyer has questions concerning the Goods before placing an Order, they should consult the Seller by emailing or by leaving a request on the website.

4.1. Scenario for purchasing ready-made digital goods:
The Buyer chooses the appropriate Digital product(s).
Accumulation of Digital Goods in the Cart.
Order placement and Registration on the Payment page.
Payment of 100% of the Order amount through online services on the "Payment Form" page.
Change of Order status to "Paid and delivered" after the Seller receives the full payment.
Provision of a link in the Buyer's personal account for downloading the electronic product file.
4.2. The Seller carries out the delivery of the Goods based on the Buyer's Order.
4.3. The Goods are considered received by the Buyer, and the Seller's obligation to deliver the Goods is fulfilled from the moment access to the download link is provided in the Buyer's personal account.
4.4. If the Buyer does not receive the Goods within the period specified in points 4.1 and 4.2. of this Agreement, or due to technical problems or other reasons, the Buyer must contact the Seller via the email and report the non-receipt of the Goods. In this case, the Seller will re-deliver the Goods within 2 (two) working days from the receipt of the relevant message from the Buyer.

5.1. The assortment and price of Digital Goods are freely available on the Seller's Website.
5.2. The cost of the Goods stated on the website may be changed by the Seller unilaterally at any time.
5.3. Payment for Digital Goods is made by non-cash means using the available online Non-cash Payment Form to the Seller's account.
5.4. The Buyer's obligation to pay for the Goods is considered fulfilled from the moment the funds arrive at the Seller's settlement account.

6.1. Digital goods are delivered in the following format: PDF format.

7.1. Buyer's Rights:
7.1.1. The Buyer has the right to be provided with the Digital product in accordance with its description in the product card.
7.2. Buyer's Obligations:
7.2.1. The Buyer is obliged to make a full payment for the Digital product before receiving it.
7.2.2. The Buyer must provide the Seller with all necessary information for the preparation and delivery of personalized Digital products.
7.2.3. The Buyer undertakes to use the delivered Digital product exclusively for personal purposes indefinitely, in any quantity, and not to distribute this Digital product to other persons for free or for the purpose of resale. The Buyer undertakes not to distribute copies of the Digital product on HDD, CD, or DVD media, or in printed form from an electronic copy.
7.3. Seller's Rights:
7.3.1. The Seller has the right not to deliver Digital goods for which they have not received full payment.
7.3.2. The Seller has the right to demand compensation for lost profit in case of detection of gratuitous transfer or resale of the Digital product delivered to the Buyer.
7.4. Seller's Obligations:
7.4.1. The Seller is obliged to deliver the Digital product in proper quality in accordance with the characteristics described in the product card.

8.1. By concluding this Agreement, the Seller and Buyer agree to reach an agreement through negotiations.
8.2. Digital goods are non-returnable.
8.3. After payment for the digital product, the Buyer can download it to their computer and use it at their discretion.
8.4. The Seller is not responsible for the non-conformity of the provided materials to the Customer's expectations and/or for their subjective evaluation; such non-conformity to expectations and/or negative subjective evaluation are not grounds to consider the contract's execution improper.
8.5. The Buyer's insufficient level of knowledge is not a ground for a refund, including, but not limited to, the following circumstances:
The inability to use Digital goods due to non-conformity of settings and/or versions of the used system and other software to the system requirements specified on the Seller's website.
Lack of basic knowledge when purchasing products. Technical support for products from this section is not provided.

9.1. The content of Digital goods, including all texts, images (photographs), is intended exclusively for the personal use of the Buyer. All copyrights on the content of Digital goods are protected. Copying, exchanging, renting, leasing, selling, or any other alienation is prohibited by the rights holder. Violation of this ban is prosecuted by law.
9.2. All textual information and graphic images posted on the website is the property of the Digital Product Seller.
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